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If you are trying to look for ideas for flooring then this is the place to be. For different size of floors in different areas there are different ideas that I could share to you. Different areas require different types of floors but basically they are somewhat similar regarding the type of it that is used. Anyway, we’re not talking about the similarities but rather we will be tackling the different flooring ideas that could help you decide which type of flooring you should use on a specific area that needs flooring.

First, you need to know that there are a lot of things to consider before you lay down a certain type of material on your floor. Obviously, different areas need different types of flooring. For example, the basement needs a flooring type that could withstand moisture. So therefore, ceramic tile flooring is ideal for basements. So that is exactly what we are going to talk about right now.

For kitchen flooring, it is very important that you as a flooring type that could withstand extreme traffic, it should be waterproof and it should be easy to clean since the kitchen is the place where stains are normal. One of the best flooring materials or flooring tabs for kitchens is ceramic tile flooring and granite or marble flooring. These materials are impenetrable by water, cannot be stained and are easy to clean and maintain.

For your bed rooms, you need a flooring type that is attractive to look at and would provide a look of comfort in your bedroom. You don’t necessarily need a flooring type that is waterproof or stain proof because those things don’t normally happen in your bedroom. The best flooring types in bedrooms are hardwood and carpet. But you could basically use any types of flooring that you want; it depends on your preference.

For basements, we all know that moisture is present down there. So you have a very narrow choice of flooring types for your basement. You need a flooring type that cannot be damage by a long exposure to moisture. That means, hardwood, laminate flooring and vinyl are not suitable for basements. One of the best flooring type for basements is ceramic tiles and granite tiles. These are easy to clean and easy to install materials that are capable of withstanding longtime exposure to moisture.

For your garage, you need maximum durability and toughness. It’s all about the attractiveness and the functionality of the flooring type. Concrete is usually used for garage floors but one of the best methods to make it look better is to apply epoxy coatings. These are applied by using a brush or roller to apply it over to concrete. You could also use large rubber mats that would protect your floor from different oils and grime that could damage it.

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